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We at PMD know you want every aspec of your boat looking good, so we even clean and brighte teak decks. We do NOT paint or clear-coat teak wood. It damages the wood by separating the wood grains and it can never be fixed. Whether it requires a soap and water wash or a two-step acidic cleaner and brightener, we do what it takes to keep your teak deck looking great!

We at PMD have the highest caliber of experience and know-how to get your pontoon boat looking like it just came off the showroom floor. Ask around! With out proven polishing techniques and processes your pontoon will stick out while its in a show room floor, being hauled to sea or simply while coasting the ocean. Best of all, your pontoons will look great and will not need to be polished for up to five (5) years. Your pontoons will be cleaned, polished, coated and protected.

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Teak Deck Care

Maitenance Plan Contract Benefits

  • One person to call for ALL your boating needs
  • Tow boat included
  • Concierge services and trip planning
  • Free limo service rom Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Int'l Airport to the location of your vessel.
  • 15% Off on any interior cabinets and fiber glass upgrades of your choice. 
  • The limo will be at the airport waiting for you and takes you right to your boat.
  • The boat is detailed in and out 
  • The water tank is full
  • The waste tank is pumped out
  • The beds are made with the sheets you desire 
  • Your clothes are washed with Toxic Free Detergent, dry cleaned and placed back on your bed folded or hanging in your closet
  • The pillows and cushions will be located where you like them per request
  • The boat is cool and the A/C is at the temperature you like 
  • The lights you are on when you arrive at night
  • The fluids are checked for your early departure
  • Your provision list has been purchased and put away in your galley
  • The boat has received the "Extra TLC Touch"

This plan provides you with absolutely hassle-free boating experience. It has been proven with many of our satisfied customers that continuosly renew annually. Cusomters appreciate our skills and recognize our professionalism. 

PMD is proud to serve our customers with the highest caliber of service providing you with a hassle free boating experience that you deserve. 

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Recurring Wax Membership this includes, washing, compounding, polishing and waxing needs. Depending on your boats needs. It is important to maintain your investment. Join Today! Pricing is determined after the first initial detail.

Our Recurring Wax Membership is the best way to ensure your boat is being taken care of. When you get on our Recurring Wax List:

We schedule detailing services for your boat on a set schedule. The Wax List fill up fast and customers on the list are serviced on a 1st priority bases. We will schedile your boat to be detailed every month, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or every year, depending on your boats needs (this includes,washing,compounding,polishing and waxing needs). Prices are determined after first detail job.

Here are a few more reasons: 

-Your Boat gets a thourough look-thru on a scheduled basis (keeping you up-to-date on its needs)

-Keeps its value much longer and saves you a lot of money in the long run

-A freshly waxed hull reduces drag (saves in fuel comsumption)

-Preserves resale value and the boats water-tight integrity

-Maintains a beautiful appearance 

-Counteracts and reduces the long-term effects wear and tear

-Extends the boat's life, reduces depreciation

-Greatly reduces marine growth

-Facilitates a more pleasant and organized boating enviroment

-Gel-coat lasts much longer Paint lasts much longer 

-Bugs dont like clean boats

-Your boating guest will respect how well you take care of the boat

Other boat owners will be jealous

-98% of all boat owners do not properly care for their boats

-"Professionals Only" grade products are used to care for your boat

-Your boat will last many years longer

-You will appreciate spending more time on your detailed boat

-General maintance issues become much easier to remenber

-You will spend quality time on the boat instead of cleaning the boat

-We are professionally trained to care for your boat

-We get to know your boat and know when problems begin to show

-We can "Boat mind" (baby-sitting) your boat during significant weather

-We constantly bend, stoop, kneel, push, twist, reach, climb, stand, grasp, crouch, lift and engage in repetitive wiping motions as we detail your boat. Can you? 

-We have the right tools and supplies for detailing your boat 

-We have the patience to do the job right every time

- We MAKE time for your boat. Will you? 

- We can remove oxidation and swirl marks without burning through the gel-coat or paint

-We know how to mix special compounds just for your boat

-Our only job is detailing and we are the best at it 

-We know trade secrets that you dont.

  • Weekly - Exterior Boat Washing and Wipe Dry
  • Monthly - Interior Cleaning 
  • Monthly - Bottom Scrub
  • Running Gear Checks
  • Monthly reports
  • Recurring Wax List - Every 3 Months, 6 Months or Yearly.
  • Boat Show Services
  • Dealership Maintenance Package
  • Boat Owner Memberships
  • Boar Minding

Boat/Yacht Management and Maitenance Service Plans